Rockstor Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers, community members, and visitors of our websites. This privacy policy is a simple explanation of what information we collect through our websites and what we do with that information.

User submitted information

On subscribing to our Stable channel updates, our shop service provider, Shopify, stores and manages all personal identifiable information provided according to their policies. We then only use/store the following non-personal information; order id & name (eg #2034), date of purchase, subscription length, discount code if used, and appliance id. However to fulfill the function of sending the required activation code and later subscription renewal reminder, post consent, associated with our subscription service we also store and use as login id validation at our Appliance ID manager site, the email associated with each shopify managed order. Our Appliance ID manager home page has additional information on expected email frequency and use along with detailed cookie information.


Some metadata is collected via standard webserver logs that are rotated periodically. In the past we used Google Analytics (GA) on this site and our linked; documentation, forum, and shop. This is no longer the case. However GA related cookies are persistent in browser cache and will require intervention specific to your browser to permanently remove their association with this domain prior to their intended expiration date. Our Appliance ID manager service, subdomain appman, uses one persistent and 2 session cookies as details on that site's home page. Our shop subdomain is again a separate site and governed by the default cookies and policies established by Shopify. The forum is discourse open source software and requires no cookies to operate if not logged in. Post login there are only session cookies and non-personal persistent cookies. All forum related cookies are non-tracking. Typical forum cookies bar the optional GA related ones are detailed in the following meta discourse forum thread.

Rockstor's use of information

Rockstor uses the information provided by users to support it's products and services by directly communicating with users through occasional emails. We do not share user information with any third party service providers.