Rockstor is a Linux/BTRFS based Network Attached Storage (NAS) and private cloud solution. It is distributed as a CentOS flavored Linux operating system with a newer kernel and Rockstor application software bundled together to easily install a system and manage your data.

Rockstor supports advanced NAS features powered by BTRFS and other Linux technologies. It also supports hosting of various apps based on Docker technology which extends it’s feature set beyond NAS and transforms the system into a private cloud server.

Rockstor can be installed on commodity hardware or as a virtual machine on hypervisors like Xen, KVM and VMWare.


Below is a summary of all features supported by Rockstor. Features in prod status are production ready where as beta indicates a features is not yet ready for prime time. Some unsupported and planned features are also listed.

Feature status notes
Online pool management beta  
Online share management beta  
CoW snapshots beta  
sharing via NFS(v3 and v4) prod Network File System cross platform enterprise file access
sharing via SMB beta also known as CIFS / Samba
sharing via AFP ie Time Machine beta Apple Filing Protocol
WebDAV planned  
SFTP beta Secure File Transport Protocol
Asynchronous share replication beta replicate shares between multiple Rockstor appliances
WebUI prod efficient management through Chrome browser
SSH prod standard bash shell
RESTful API prod integrate applications with Rockstor
Active directory beta  
LDAP prod Lightweight Directory Access
NIS prod Network Information System
NTP client prod set system time from NTP server
SNMP beta enterprise monitoring facility
S.M.A.R.T beta disk health information system
Docker based Plugin system beta We call these Rock-ons
Critical event alerts beta via email notification system
Scheduled tasks beta snapshots and scrubs
Config Backup and Restore beta for recovery / migration use
UPS support via NUT beta Configure a UPS from the GUI